Five Ways To Turn A Plain Lampshade Into A Custom Artwork

Five Ways To Turn A Plain Lampshade Into A Custom Artwork

If you are a creative person and have a lampshade design stuck in your mind but need some help with how to put that idea onto the shade- these five tips will help guide you in the right direction.
September 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Add Style And Colour To Your Home With A Table Lampshade - Using These Decor Tips

Add Style And Colour To Your Home With A Table Lampshade - Using These Decor Tips

A table lampshade is the most accessible type of lamp to use for decoration and style purposes. It usually doesn't require lengthy installation, and they come in almost every colour and many different shapes. These tips will help you narrow your search to the perfect size, style and colour lampshade.

September 27, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Achieve Brighter Lighting With A Drum Shade Floor Lamp

Achieve Brighter Lighting With A Drum Shade Floor Lamp

Want brighter lighting? Discover how a drum shade floor lamp can help you achieve just that! Take a look at the benefits of this design and learn what to look for when shopping for your dream drum shade.

July 26, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Brighten Your Space With A Woven Lampshade

Brighten Your Space With A Woven Lampshade

Considering unique lighting options, but not sure which direction to go in? Let’s shed some light on woven lampshades and take a look at what makes this design an ever-popular lighting choice. Let’s dive right in!

July 15, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Why Linen Lampshades Have Become Our Go-To Light Covers

Why Linen Lampshades Have Become Our Go-To Light Covers

With so many beautiful lampshades out there, it can be difficult choosing the right cover for your light! Fret no more as linen has been dubbed the new luxe and is the perfect adaptable material to cover all your shades. Dip into a world of affordable elegance as we take a look at the benefits of using a linen lampshade and detail how to go about keeping them looking as good as new long after their installation!

Benefits Of Linen Lampshades 

Linen is a lightweight fabric that allows the glow of light to seep warmly through its fibres. Using a linen lampshade sets a relaxed ambiance in a room and illuminates the space beautifully. Apart from its more aesthetic properties, linen shades have pros that far extend the eye's gaze. 

This popular textile is both long-lasting as well as versatile. It is the world’s strongest natural fibre and can easily be dyed the colour of your choosing. Along with being eco-friendly and sustainable, linen is also incredibly hypoallergenic and well-renowned for its antibacterial traits. 

How To Clean Your Linen Lampshade 

  • Dry method: This is the method we’d most likely recommend using if you’re looking to clean a linen lamp cover. Dry cleaning methods include; vacuuming, dry brushing with a new paintbrush, or using a soapy foam. Light vacuuming is great for removing fine dust, but brushing your shade with an unused paintbrush may be necessary to remove thick layers of build-up dust gently. 

The final cleaning option considered part of the dry cleaning method includes using a simple foam to help remove stains. By rubbing the soapy mixture in circular motions on the shade before wiping it off with a damp cloth and then leaving it to dry, you should do the trick in removing any unwanted marks. Be sure to remove any residual foam from the cover by vacuuming it after drying. 

  • Liquid method: If none of the above methods effectively clean your cover, then we’d recommend removing your lampshade from its fitting and submerging it in a bathtub of warm water. Then gently wash the cover using a soapy solution and rinse before blotting with a dry white cloth and leaving to air dry. 

Need assistance with a lampshade-related query? Get in touch with our friendly team and allow us to fulfill all of your light cover requirements in Perth. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, products and promotions, pop onto our website today!

June 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Classy Customized Lampshades In Toronto

Classy Customized Lampshades In Toronto

Whether you’re looking to revamp an old shade or design a completely new one, you’re in luck! We design custom lampshades in Toronto. Our team would love to offer our expertise to assist, wherever possible, with your lighting and decor journey. Allow us to shed some light on all that goes into customizing a shade according to your personal preferences. Follow along to learn more!

Tips To Consider When Customizing 

Consider The Base 

We encourage clients to keep the base of their lamp in mind when considering a new shade. The shape, size, texture and type of fitting are all important, and care should be taken to ensure that the new shade complements its base. 

Location, Location, Location 

Next on the list of considerations is where your lamp is going to be placed. Consider both the colouring and scale of the room, as well its existing furniture, in an attempt to pair your custom shade well with its surroundings. 

Be Bold 

Don’t be afraid of making a statement with something bold! We’ll help you coordinate a curated design that enhances your existing space. With endless options ranging from pleating and beadwork to sequined accents, floral appliques and graphic printing, customizing your dream shade is easy! We believe that the details matter and have various fabrics and finishings readily available to bring your vision to life! 

Function Is Important 

Lastly, consider what function your lamp will carry out. For example, if your lamp is going to function as a relaxing mood-setter, the shade should, of course, evoke a sense of calm. Let’s consider another scenario- what if your lamp and statement shade are functioning as accents to a space? Perhaps then a bold and captivating shade may be better suited. 

Custom lampshades are the perfect accents to any room. They are focal elements that help set the mood and tone of a room. They either curate an intimate and relaxing space or even one that evokes a sense of excitement if a bold shade has been used. 

If you’re in search of a look that's sleek and modern, rustic and country, or anything in-between, get in touch with our team today! We design bespoke lampshades in Toronto and can’t wait to custom-make one for you.

May 28, 2021 — Allison Spiro
3 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Custom Lampshade

3 Tips On Choosing The Perfect Custom Lampshade

Beautiful lighting is a key feature in every home. It not only brightens the place up but it sheds light on areas that deserve to be shown off. Good lighting can easily prove to be a worthwhile investment from natural light or artificial lights such as lamps and other lighting fixtures.

When on the hunt for the perfect lamps, considering the type of lampshade that'll compliment your interior and setting is crucial. As is, there are pendant lampshades in Toronto that are ideal for hanging above dining room tables to floor lamps overlooking your reading chair, and you’ll need all the help you can get to choose the perfect lampshade.

Here are some of our best tips:

Find A Lampshade That Suits Your Rooms Color Scheme

As we've stated, every room in your home needs good lighting, but it's pointless to focus only on the lighting and not the overall space when choosing lampshades. The lampshade colour you choose needs to compliment the colour of each room. Going with custom lamp shades in Toronto will help make your light either the focal point or an additional piece. Think of bold colours and how they work with each room’s decor or more neutral tones for a subtle feel.

Choose A Custom Lampshade That Matches Its Base

Custom lampshades in Toronto are particularly great for when you want to pair them with its base. But you will need to look at whether you have a tall, slender, wide or broad shade so that you can have the right shade. You can request a custom lampshade that's low enough to cover the switch to your liking or high enough to allow you to reach up to operate the switch. It's all up to you.

Think About How The Lampshade Will Add To The Interiors

Here's another example of how custom lampshades from a reputable supplier in Toronto can work to your advantage. Step away from the look of the lampshade and look at the entire room. Do you have a small bedside table? Get a custom lampshade with a smaller profile that will freely give you room to get in and out of bed. But if a wider placement profile for a living room is what you're going with, look more into floor lamps for that placement.

Other things to pay attention to when choosing custom lampshades in Toronto include the lampshade that is meant for ambiance, function or both, but you might need some help with that.

At Lampshade Shop, our lampshades experts can help you with that. We create and provide custom lampshades that have all your specifications in mind. Speak to us for custom lampshades in Toronto today.

April 14, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Why Good Lighting Can Improve Your Wellbeing, And How Lamp Repairs In Toronto Can Make It Last

Why Good Lighting Can Improve Your Wellbeing, And How Lamp Repairs In Toronto Can Make It Last

When you walk into a room, you may not realize it, but the lighting is one of the first things that affect your perception and experience of being in that space. It is well-known that light can be used to create a specific mood, which is why we dim the lights for a calming or romantic atmosphere. In this article, we explore why it is important to have good lighting in your home for a better sense of wellbeing, and we help you to take better care of your lights from general maintenance to lampshade repair so that they last longer.

The Experts Will Agree

Any home decor expert will tell you that natural light is paramount in creating a feeling of spaciousness in a room. If you can, let as much light in as possible through your windows during the day. However, some rooms just don’t have that much natural light, or at all, purely due to the way they’ve been built. If you have a room like this, you may want to consider using candles or lampshades to add a soft, gentle glow that is similar to natural lighting. Some lampshade shops in Toronto have beautiful designs inspired by nature that can add an outdoor feel to a room that has no windows.

The Benefit Of Good Lighting

Good lighting has numerous benefits, such as maintaining good eye health, lifting the mood, and also increasing productivity. A very dark room may not be a healthy working environment, as it can trigger feelings of sleepiness and affect concentration. A light that is too bright can also be harmful if it causes eye pain or even migraines, which is why many televisions and computers come with an advanced blue light technology that makes the glare of the screen easier on the eye. Try to find a balance with a good desk lamp or a lampshade that will light up your space just enough to emanate positive energy and get your productive juices flowing.

Maintaining Good Lighting

We often overlook care and maintenance of our lights at home, but it’s important to ensure that they last a long time so that we can continue to thrive in a healthy, well-lit space. For safety, make sure that any cables are well hidden to avoid tripping, especially if you have children in your home. Clean your lampshades every once in a while by first putting the power off, removing the bulb, and then giving it a gentle wipe with a cloth and some soap. There are places where you can find professional lampshade repairs in Toronto that can help with more serious repairs and maintenance. For example, if your shade has a tear, a repair shop can redo the fabric, so you don’t have to discard the entire lamp.

It’s becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced lives to create that special zen place in your home, where you can feel totally at peace, unwind, and regenerate. More of us might be working from home these days, which is why good lighting is so important for our wellbeing and productivity. To get the most out of your lampshades and for professional lampshade repairs in Toronto, visit Victoria Lampshade Shop. We specialize in custom-made lampshades to help you recover old ones and offer an in-house lamp repair service. We also have a beautiful selection of lampshades that have been handcrafted in Victoria since 1969.

March 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro
How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

How To Choose The Right Lamp Shade

Lighting up your home has both security benefits as well as aesthetic appeal, so finding the perfect lamp is essential. But, what happens when you get the ideal lamp without the shade? Or, your perfect bedroom lamp starts to look dingy because of the shade? Getting a new shade can be a big change!

In this blog, we’re not only going to help you find the best shade fit for your lampshades in Toronto but also highlight a few common lamp repairs you should be aware of.

Finding The Best Fit

Hunting down the ideal lampshade can be tricky, but with a little help from our experts, you’ll find it a breeze. Here are some tips on finding the right shade for your lamp.

It’s All In The Shape

Here, the rule of thumb is pretty simple, like! Your preference will heavily weigh on which shade you choose for your lamp. In many cases, we see that people with angular lamps, a boxed shaped shade is often the go-to, but times, tastes and styles change.

Proportions, Proportions, Proportions!

Getting the perfect height and width, particularly for traditionally styled lamps, is crucial. In this case, the rule is a 60/40 ratio where the shade makes up 40% of the lamp's height. In most cases, having the width twice the size of the shade and base is ideal.

Get The Best Material

How the light is distributed from your lamp will depend on the material you go with. Translucent and sheer material shades will add ambient light to rooms, whereas thick material shades will direct the lamp light upward or down.

Getting to the second part of the post, we’re going to look at what happens when you flip a switch, for example, of your lamp, but nothing happens?! Broken lamps can be professionally repaired, so it is not necessary to throw your lamp out just yet.

Here are some of the most common lamp problems that can be fixed easily.

Is There Really An Issue?

Make sure that your light bulb is fitted in properly and that it hasn’t burned out. What’s more, before you get lamp repairs at a Toronto specialist, make sure the switch works and the lamp is plugged in.

What’s With The Socket

Broken switches in a socket is a dangerous and huge culprit of damaged lamps. As much as they are replaceable from a Toronto hardware outlet, you might find that an expert lamp repair service will go a long way.

Repairing lamps is essential to keep your home illuminated and your lamps aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for lamp repairs and wholesale lamp shades in Toronto, get in touch with The Lampshade Shop!

February 08, 2021 — Allison Spiro
2021 Trends To Use When Buying Wholesale Lampshades In Toronto

2021 Trends To Use When Buying Wholesale Lampshades In Toronto

Every year, we see a new wave of style and design choices become popular for the year. This year, however, we know that there will be COVID-19 safety protocols that greatly influence the decisions made around decor purchasing in addition to the usual style influences that affect purchasing selections. Not only will the actual precautionary methods affect the way that design is handled, but it has influenced an entire culture around travel, dining, and hospitality that is sure to shift us into an exciting new era. We are looking forward to discovering more about the new normal. We are hopeful that it creates an environment of exploration while adhering to the utmost standard of excellence and safety.

Personalized And Boutique

With restrictions on travel and social gatherings being commonplace, it has created the need to limit the number of guests welcomed into an establishment at any given time. This has paved the way for a more intense focus on creating intimate and individualized experiences for guests. Personalization and attention to detail have become necessary components of engineering a space’s ambience. This atmosphere of exclusivity and undivided attention can be achieved by selecting the correct lampshade and incorporating it into the decor while simultaneously updating the look and bringing it up to date with the new century.

COVID Considerations

The requirement to ensure proper room sanitization means that fabrics or materials that are either already COVID protected or that allow for easy sterilization are at the forefront of design developments and enhancements. There is a definite need to create beautiful pieces that can be easily and safely treated when preparing the next guest’s space. More than this, guests are becoming more aware of those establishments that offer them the added attentiveness to their safety and well being.

Other Trending Concepts

Design elements conducive to smart tech, social media photography, eco-friendliness, and extended stays (think “staycation”) are all a part of the trending movement around how spaces are engaged with. Keeping up with the latest trends could very well mean creating ambient, safe, individualized spaces that can be enjoyed safely.

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your wholesale lampshades in Toronto. Be sure to contact us through our contact form at

January 14, 2021 — Allison Spiro
Curate Your Space With Custom Lamp Shades In Toronto

Curate Your Space With Custom Lamp Shades In Toronto

Imagine your surroundings, now imagine them in a better light. The act of personalizing your space, whether it is your dining room, bedroom, or home office, is an excellent way to create an extension of your expression as an individual (or family). It also gives you the ability to curate your space - mix functionality with beauty by matching the right custom lampshade to the need and visual tone of your room. The options are endless!

Functionality At Its Finest

In order to collect, select, and present the various items in your space, you first need to identify the objective of the space. Functionality may be key when considering a workspace that requires a high level of illumination, for example, if working with needlepoint or fine detail. However, the conversational and social ambiance would still become the deciding factor when considering a living space such as a lounge or private dining area. Make these spaces your own by aligning their function with the lighting. If you find that your room is not being used to its full potential or that you would like to update your space’s serviceability, consider a custom lampshade to provide an easy-to-execute upgrade.

Making It Your Own

Individual tastes on texture, artistic expression, colour, and spatial arrangement inform smaller decisions that culminate in the overall creation of that feeling in any space. Human beings are built to engage with their surroundings in a myriad of ways. Capturing the senses is only one way to make your space your own (colour, light intensity, texture, and so on). Expressions of time, era, and memories also imbue a number of qualities into any particular space. Whether you choose to do this by honouring a particular time-coded style or by infusing personal elements into your decor, it ensures that the room becomes completely your own - individual and personalized.

Psychological Positives

The ability to take ownership and command of your space is linked not only to higher feelings of confidence and satisfaction but also with an ability to combat stress and mental fatigue. Plainly, when you feel at home, comfortable in your surroundings, you reap many mental and emotional benefits that contribute towards good health and overall well being.

Have the Lampshade Shop create your custom lamp shades for Toronto by contacting us on our website at

December 23, 2020 — Allison Spiro

Tips On Choosing Lampshade Fabrics And Colours

Lampshades are such fun. They can send a bold message or sit quietly and elegantly on their lampstands oozing style. When creating a new or refurbishing an old one, the fabric choice can be tricky as, let’s face it, there are thousands of gorgeous fabrics out there, especially if you are passionate aesthetes like us. 

Here are some helpful tips on how to filter through the infinite choices:


This is more decorative than a functional choice. This choice is possibly the easiest. Do you want a statement: go bold. Do you want elegant: go monochromatic. Do you want funky: go for acid hues. We suggest choosing your room’s highlight colour or for a big statement, choose a clashing colour.

Obviously, if you have an Edwardian Lamp in an Edwardian interior, then go elegant and monochromatic. Or if that same lamp is in a super-contemporary home, you are eclectic, so go for bold or funky. 

If your base is brass – try a white shade, worn brass – cream or duck egg blue, art deco – try black or jade, a busy, colourful base – try white or warm grey, crystal base – any colour. 


The type of fabric also influences the interpretation of the style and the presentation of the colour. 

Silk can be opulent and mysterious, and it plays with light reflections.  

  • Shantung — Thin and delicate with few slubs. Light and flowing.
  • Dupioni — more textured, textured with prominent slubs. Rustic and transforms when the light is on.
  • Pongee — Crisp, almost papery, no slubs. The thin, tight fabric is used to line kimonos.
  • Taffeta — Fine with a smooth touch. It looks like pongee silk but is thicker and gorgeously ‘polished.’ The queen of silks.
  • Habutai — No slubs and very thin but with a lustrous feeling. Excellent for pleating in shades.

Synthetic silks have a decisive role to play in the lampshade industry.

  • Synthetic Pongee - Not as refined and lustrous as real pongee. Tight and thin weave but far more durable. A great option for shades.
  • Supreme Satin - Synthetic shantung silk. This brings a luxurious sophistication to any room and, again, more durable.

When to use silks: For romantic, opulent interiors or very high-end, high-design contemporary interiors (real silk only).

Linen is a fabulous choice for a lampshade. It is up to 300% stronger than cotton. Linens say, “comfort, cozy, welcome.” 

Derivatives of linen include fine, flax and handkerchief linen.

  • Linen — light, consistent weave, visible natural, subtly relaxed look.
  • Fine linen — a very consistent weave, a tighter warp and weft. This makes it almost shine. It is a super subtle light reflection.
  • Flax linen — textured with plenty of slubs. Relaxed, informal and lots of interest.
  • Handkerchief linen — 100% pure linen fibres and not easy to acquire. Not much visual interest but can have a very subtle, understated satin look about it.

When to use linens: For charming, minimalist interiors and rooms of comfort such as living rooms, dens or bedrooms.

Cotton is a good option. Depending on the weave, it can drape, gather and pleat well. There are infinite varieties available. 

  • Soft-touch cotton has a much more uniform appearance than linen and fine linen due to its far tighter weave. It is lightweight and durable and makes a cost-effective alternative to linen for lampshades. 

When to use cottons: For a lightly rustic interior or guest rooms. If dust accumulates, it is easy to clean cotton. 

Synthetics of all of the above options are available. With today’s technology, it can be difficult to tell the difference between synthetic and original. Synthetics are hypo-allergenic, fire retardant, and super easy to clean, do not stain and are not broken down by heat (which is a problem with silk).  You will be pleasantly surprised by the range available. Take note: they are not always cheaper than the original option as the technology used is expensive, but they can be cheaper. Definitely have them in your arsenal.  

Non-Standard Materials

Burlap – trends over the past five years have made this very popular. It will do well in a classic or contemporary farmhouse look, cottage or a café. 

String or ribbon – you can wrap/weave string, coloured cord or ribbon across a frame and make a fascinating shade. These can change seasonally as they are cost-effective to make. It is something the whole family can be involved in. 

Always consider the maintenance levels of different options before being wooed into a purchase by a gorgeous fabric. Delicate fabrics, silk and satin, need specialist cleaning and need to be away from sticky little hands. Consider using LED bulbs for the environment and to extend the life of your fabric as heat and fabric are not friends.

At Victoria Lampshade Shop Toronto, we can create one of a kind custom shades with a short turnaround time and minimal extra cost. Whether you’re in the market for task lighting or ambiance, we’re here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

November 29, 2020 — Allison Spiro