Imagine your surroundings, now imagine them in a better light. The act of personalizing your space, whether it is your dining room, bedroom, or home office, is an excellent way to create an extension of your expression. It also gives you the ability to curate your space - mix functionality with beauty by matching the right custom lampshade to the need and visual tone of your room. The options are endless!

Functionality At Its Finest

In order to collect, select, and present the various items in your space, you first need to identify the objective of the space. Functionality may be key when considering a workspace that requires a high level of illumination, for example, if working with needlepoint or fine detail. However, the conversational and social ambiance would still become the deciding factor when considering a living space such as a lounge or private dining area. Make these spaces your own by aligning their function with the lighting. If you find that your room is not being used to its full potential or that you would like to update your space’s serviceability, consider a custom lampshade to provide an easy-to-execute upgrade.

Making It Your Own

Individual tastes on texture, artistic expression, colour, and spatial arrangement inform smaller decisions that culminate in the overall creation of that feeling in any space. Human beings are built to engage with their surroundings in a myriad of ways. Capturing the senses is only one way to make your space your own (colour, light intensity, texture, and so on). Expressions of time, era, and memories also imbue a number of qualities into any particular space. Whether you choose to do this by honouring a particular time-coded style or by infusing personal elements into your decor, it ensures that the room becomes completely your own - individual and personalized.

Psychological Positives

The ability to take ownership and command of your space is linked not only to higher feelings of confidence and satisfaction but also with an ability to combat stress and mental fatigue. Plainly, when you feel at home, comfortable in your surroundings, you reap many mental and emotional benefits that contribute towards good health and overall well being.

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December 23, 2020 — Allison Spiro