With so many beautiful lampshades out there, it can be difficult choosing the right cover for your light! Fret no more as linen has been dubbed the new luxe and is the perfect adaptable material to cover all your shades. Dip into a world of affordable elegance as we take a look at the benefits of using a linen lampshade and detail how to go about keeping them looking as good as new long after their installation!

Benefits Of Linen Lampshades 

Linen is a lightweight fabric that allows the glow of light to seep warmly through its fibres. Using a linen lampshade sets a relaxed ambiance in a room and illuminates the space beautifully. Apart from its more aesthetic properties, linen shades have pros that far extend the eye's gaze. 

This popular textile is both long-lasting as well as versatile. It is the world’s strongest natural fibre and can easily be dyed the colour of your choosing. Along with being eco-friendly and sustainable, linen is also incredibly hypoallergenic and well-renowned for its antibacterial traits. 

How To Clean Your Linen Lampshade 

  • Dry method: This is the method we’d most likely recommend using if you’re looking to clean a linen lamp cover. Dry cleaning methods include; vacuuming, dry brushing with a new paintbrush, or using a soapy foam. Light vacuuming is great for removing fine dust, but brushing your shade with an unused paintbrush may be necessary to remove thick layers of build-up dust gently. 

The final cleaning option considered part of the dry cleaning method includes using a simple foam to help remove stains. By rubbing the soapy mixture in circular motions on the shade before wiping it off with a damp cloth and then leaving it to dry, you should do the trick in removing any unwanted marks. Be sure to remove any residual foam from the cover by vacuuming it after drying. 

  • Liquid method: If none of the above methods effectively clean your cover, then we’d recommend removing your lampshade from its fitting and submerging it in a bathtub of warm water. Then gently wash the cover using a soapy solution and rinse before blotting with a dry white cloth and leaving to air dry. 

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June 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro