Every year, we see a new wave of style and design choices become popular for the year. This year, however, we know that there will be COVID-19 safety protocols that greatly influence the decisions made around decor purchasing in addition to the usual style influences that affect purchasing selections. Not only will the actual precautionary methods affect the way that design is handled, but it has influenced an entire culture around travel, dining, and hospitality that is sure to shift us into an exciting new era. We are looking forward to discovering more about the new normal. We are hopeful that it creates an environment of exploration while adhering to the utmost standard of excellence and safety.

Personalized And Boutique

With restrictions on travel and social gatherings being commonplace, it has created the need to limit the number of guests welcomed into an establishmentat any given time. This has paved the way for a more intense focus on creating intimate and individualized experiences for guests. Personalization and attention to detail have become necessary components of engineering a space’s ambience. This atmosphere of exclusivity and undivided attention can be achieved by selecting the correct lampshade and incorporating it into the decor while simultaneously updating the look and bringing it up to date with the new century.

COVID Considerations

The requirement to ensure proper room sanitization means that fabrics or materials that are either already COVID protected or that allow for easy sterilization are at the forefront of design developments and enhancements. There is a definite need to create beautiful pieces that can be easily and safely treated when preparing the next guest’s space. More than this, guests are becoming more aware of those establishments that offer them the added attentiveness to their safety and well being.

Other Trending Concepts

Design elements conducive to smart tech, social media photography, eco-friendliness, and extended stays (think “staycation”) are all a part of the trending movement around how spaces are engaged with. Keeping up with the latest trends could very well mean creating ambient, safe, individualized spaces that can be enjoyed safely.

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January 14, 2021 — Allison Spiro