Beautiful lighting is a key feature in every home. It not only brightens the place up but it sheds light on areas that deserve to be shown off. Good lighting can easily prove to be a worthwhile investment from natural light or artificial lights such as lamps and other lighting fixtures.

When on the hunt for the perfect lamps, considering the type of lampshade that'll compliment your interior and setting is crucial. As is, there are pendant lampshades that are ideal for hanging above dining room tables to floor lamps overlooking your reading chair, and you’ll need all the help you can get to choose the perfect lampshade.

Here are some of our best tips:

Find A Lampshade That Suits Your Rooms Color Scheme

As we've stated, every room in your home needs good lighting, but it's pointless to focus only on the lighting and not the overall space when choosing lampshades. The lampshade colour you choose needs to compliment the colour of each room. Going with custom lamp shades will help make your light either the focal point or an additional piece. Think of bold colours and how they work with each room’s decor or more neutral tones for a subtle feel.

Choose A Custom Lampshade That Matches Its Base

Custom lampshades are particularly great for when you want to pair them with its base. But you will need to look at whether you have a tall, slender, wide or broad base so that you can have the right shade. You can request a custom lampshade that's low enough to cover the switch to your liking or high enough to allow you to reach up to operate the switch. It's all up to you. Typically you want to see as much of the lamp, without seeing the socket from the bottom. Showing a bit of the neck is ideal in most cases.

Think About How The Lampshade Will Add To The Interiors

Here's another example of how custom lampshades from a reputable supplier can work to your advantage. Step away from the look of the lampshade and look at the entire room. Do you have a small bedside table? Get a lampshade with a smaller profile that will freely give you room to get in and out of bed. Oval, square or rectangle shades help keep the lamp closer to the wall, while still providing the right sense of balance. If a wider placement profile for a living room is what you're going with, look more into floor lamps for that placement.

Other things to pay attention to when choosing custom lampshades include the lampshade that is meant for ambiance, function or both, but you might need some help with that.

At The Victoria Lampshade Shop, our lampshades experts can help you with that. We create and provide custom lampshades that have all your specifications in mind. Speak to us for custom lampshades today.

April 14, 2021 — Allison Spiro