Want brighter lighting? Discover how a drum shade floor lamp can help you achieve just that! Take a look at the benefits of this design and learn what to look for when shopping for your dream drum shade.

Benefits Of Using A Drum Shade

Thanks to it’s versatile aesthetic, a drum shade is well suited to most spaces. In terms of decorative themes, these shades work well in both modern and contemporary spaces. The drum design looks great in a range of sizes and assortment of textiles- giving you even more room to experiment with creative flair when designing a space. 

It provides a great source of focused light. This makes drum shades a great option if the lamp is utilized for study or reading purposes. The natural upward and downward spread of light provide a wide range of coverage to illuminate a room. 

No matter the size of your stand, a drum shade works well on several scales! And guess what? They’re economical too! Due to their simple shape, drum shades can be quickly and easily manufactured. With this in mind, it's fair to say that drum shades can be sold at a more affordable rate than some of the other, more intricate designs on the market. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Drum Shade 

#1 The lining 

Your shade will either be lined with a hard or softback lining, but what exactly is the difference and upside of each? The hardback lining is generally made of a plastic called styrene. Due to their easy manufacturing process, hardback drum shades are less expensive than their softback competitors. Softback drum shades require more of a hands-on assembly process as the lining is generally fabric. Due to an increased labour load and more expensive lining, softback shades retail at a higher price. Softback shades offer a softer and more traditional look as opposed to a more modern look of a hard back.

#2 The size of the shade

Considering the size of the shade helps you determine what wattage your bulb needs to be. This is important in preserving the life of your shade, as the closer a bulb is to the shade, the lower the wattage needs to be.

#3 The Fitting  

The right fitting helps your shade connect to the lamp. Spider fittings allow you to attach the shade to a harp, this is the standard North American fitting.  Euro or Uno fittings attach right to the socket, near the base of the bulb. There are a variety of different uno and euro sizes, so it’s best to get professional advice before ordering a shade with one of these fittings. 

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July 26, 2021 — Allison Spiro