Lighting up your home has both security benefits as well as aesthetic appeal, so finding the perfect lamp is essential. But, what happens when you get the ideal lamp without the shade? Or, your perfect bedroom lamp starts to look dingy because of the shade? Getting a new shade can be a big change!

In this blog, we’re not only going to help you find the best shade fit for your lamps but also highlight a few common lamp repairs you should be aware of.

Finding The Best Fit

Hunting down the ideal lampshade can be tricky, but with a little help from our experts, you’ll find it a breeze. Here are some tips on finding the right shade for your lamp.

It’s All In The Shape

Here, the rule of thumb is pretty simple. Your preference will heavily weigh on which shade you choose for your lamp. Typically if the shade mimics the base of the lamp, it looks quite balanced. For example, if the base if square or rectangle, a shade with 4 corners looks best. Oval shades look best on oval lamps, as do round with round. Hexagon as well. 

Proportions, Proportions, Proportions!

Getting the perfect height and width is so important. This rule doesn’t apply to all styles, but it’s a great rule of thumb. The shade should generally be 3/4 the length of the lamp base and twice as wide. If you go taller you can make the shade more narrow. If you go wider you can make the shade shorter. 

Get The Best Material

How the light is distributed from your lamp will depend on the material you go with. Translucent and sheer material shades will add brightness to the room, giving a fresher more crisp look. A thick material or darker shade is beautiful for drama and ambiance. If you choose an opaque shade will direct the light up and down, highlighting the lamp. 

Getting to the second part of the post, we’re going to look at what happens when you flip a switch, for example, of your lamp, but nothing happens?! Broken lamps can be professionally repaired, so it is not necessary to throw your lamp out just yet.

Here are some of the most common lamp problems that can be fixed easily.

What’s With The Socket

Broken switches in a socket is a dangerous and huge culprit of damaged lamps. The Victoria Lampshade Shop are an expert lamp repair service and will go a long way. They can quickly and easily replace the socket

Repairing lamps is essential to keep your home illuminated and your lamps aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for  lamp repairs or lampshades, get in touch with The Lampshade Shop!

February 08, 2021 — Allison Spiro