Burlap Lampshades

 Considering unique lighting options, but not sure which direction to go in? Let’s shed some light on burlap lampshades and take a look at what makes this design an ever-popular lighting choice. Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Burlap Lampshades So Popular? 

Stylish- These shades add a natural warmth to the space- leaving it looking effortlessly chic. The texture adds depth, texture and interest.

Versatile- Impressionable in their design, woven shades possess the ability to be extremely versatile in use. Woven shades work well in Bohemian, MCM, Traditional and Modern designs and can be used anywhere from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and patio area of a home. 

Add architectural interest to your space- Everything from a burlap shade’s texture and size to its design and shape make them a stunning aesthetic attractions.  

Set the mood- Good lighting is the difference between a space reaching its full potential or not. Burlap lampshades can give your room a more natural feel with a bit of personality to any lamp.

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July 15, 2021 — Allison Spiro