Considering unique lighting options, but not sure which direction to go in? Let’s shed some light on woven lampshades and take a look at what makes this design an ever-popular lighting choice. Let’s dive right in!

Why Are Woven Lampshades So Popular? 

Stylish- These shades add stylish flair to a room and quickly help to elevate the space- leaving it looking effortlessly chic. 

Versatile- Impressionable in their design, woven shades possess the ability to be extremely versatile in use. Woven shades work well in Bohemian, Scandi, Traditional and Modern designs and can be used anywhere from the kitchen and living room to the bedroom and patio area of a home. Woven shades can either be made from naturally shaded wood as well as wood that has been colour treated or even painted. 

Add architectural interest to your space- Everything from a woven shade’s texture and size to its design and shape make these fixtures stunning aesthetic attractions.  

Bring a touch of the outdoors indoors- Woven shades are traditionally made from bamboo or rattan, two natural textiles, and introduce a relaxed feel to your space.  

Set the mood- Good lighting is the difference between a space reaching its full potential or not. Thanks to the warm radiant hues that shine through interwoven twines, your space can be peacefully lit at all times when using a woven lampshade. 

How To Clean Your Woven Shade

The trick to keeping your lampshades in mint condition requires proper maintenance. Should the wicker or rattan not be glued, these materials can withstand light scrubbing using a soft brush and soapy water. Note that if a shade has been crafted using glue, it’s best not to submerge it in the water while washing. Once washed, give the shade a good shake and then pop it into the sun to dry off completely. Once your lampshade has been reassembled onto its base, you can keep the dust at bay by lightly dusting it a few times per week.

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July 15, 2021 — Allison Spiro