How To Choose The Right Lampshade For Your Home Decor

So, you’ve found a beautiful lamp base that perfectly accentuates the décor in your home, but the final touch made by the perfect lampshade is leaving you a bit lost. Should it be round? Square? Big? Small?

If you’re looking for the perfect complement to complete the picture, read on to discover some key interior decorating tricks and tips that will leave you absolutely enamoured with the end result. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to visit a lampshade shop, Toronto-based or elsewhere confidently.

  1. Examine The Base

The key to finding a lampshade that will match your base and other décor begins with examining the base. The shade should complement the design and structure of the base without being overwhelming or looking awkward in relation to it. Begin by measuring your base: always work on a 100% ratio figure, with your shade being around 40% of the base’s length. So, if you have a base that’s 20 inches tall, your lampshade should be around 8 inches tall. Next, take a look at the width of your base. The widest part of your base is the main focal point aside from the lampshade, so double the widest section of your base to determine the best width for the lampshade.

  1. Consider The Location

The next step is to take the location and colour scheme into consideration. Where will you place the lamp? If it’s in an area people will walk past often, pick a narrower shade to prevent it from being knocked over.

  1. What Ambience Are Your Hoping To Create?

Lastly, consider what kind of ambience you want to create with the lamp. For soft, ambient light, pick a shade made from translucent or woven materials.

Shades made from solid materials and darker colours will reflect light more prominently and create defined beams of light. Finally, when choosing a colour for your lampshade, pick a neutral colour that will be adaptable to various colour schemes, or go with bold and striking colour and design if you’re not planning on switching up your décor or are prepared to buy a new lampshade if you change your room’s décor.

Are you ready to go out and find that perfect lampshade? Contact us for advice or visit our lampshade shop, Toronto customers!