When you walk into a room, you may not realize it, but the lighting is one of the first things that affect your perception and experience of being in that space. It is well-known that light can be used to create a specific mood, which is why we dim the lights for a calming or romantic atmosphere. In this article, we explore why it is important to have good lighting in your home for a better sense of wellbeing, and we help you to take better care of your lights from general maintenance to lampshade repair so that they last longer.

The Experts Will Agree

Any home decor expert will tell you that natural light is paramount in creating a feeling of spaciousness in a room. If you can, let as much light in as possible through your windows during the day. However, some rooms just don’t have that much natural light, or at all, purely due to the way they’ve been built. If you have a room like this, you may want to consider using candles or lampshades to add a soft, gentle glow that is similar to natural lighting. The Victoria Lampshade Shop has beautiful designs inspired by nature that can add an outdoor feel to a room that has no windows.

The Benefit Of Good Lighting

Good lighting has numerous benefits, such as maintaining good eye health, lifting the mood, and also increasing productivity. A very dark room may not be a healthy working environment, as it can trigger feelings of sleepiness and affect concentration. A light that is too bright can also be harmful if it causes eye pain or even migraines, which is why many televisions and computers come with an advanced blue light technology that makes the glare of the screen easier on the eye. Try to find a balance with a good desk lamp or a lampshade that will light up your space just enough to emanate positive energy and get your productive juices flowing.

Maintaining Good Lighting

We often overlook care and maintenance of our lights at home, but it’s important to ensure that they last a long time so we can continue to thrive in a healthy, well-lit space. For safety, make sure any cables are well hidden to avoid tripping, especially if you have children in your home. Insure that your cords are not touching baseboard heaters and that they don’t feel brittle. The Victoria Lampshade Shop can help with repairs and maintenance. 

It’s becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced lives to create that special zen place in your home, where you can feel totally at peace, unwind, and regenerate. More of us might be working from home these days, which is why good lighting is so important for our wellbeing and productivity. To get the most out of your lampshades and for professional lampshade repairs, visit Victoria Lampshade Shop. We specialize in custom-made lampshades to help you recover old ones and offer an in-house lamp repair service. We also have a beautiful selection of lampshades that have been handcrafted in Victoria since 1969.

March 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro