Medium English Barrel Lampshade 9x15x10.5 Inch


Why Choose The English Barrel Lamp Shade For Your Home

These English Barrel lampshades fit round lamps, ginger jar lamps and thinner lamps. They are 9 inches across the top, 15 across the bottom and 10.5 inches high. They have a top spider that fits on a harp fitting. We have burlap, cotton and linen. Please let us know if you need a different size or colour to make you something more custom.

The English Barrel Lampshade : Traditional Yet Versatile 

The Victoria Lampshade Shop has been manufacturing handmade lampshades since 1969 and has a wide range of designs of which the English Barrel Lampshade forms part.

The English Barrel Lampshade is one of the oldest lampshade designs. In general, the Barrel style is where the top diameter of the lampshade is about half of the diameter of the bottom part. This medium style shade is the most versatile as It works well as a table lamp, a floor lamp and chandelier lampshades. 

It has a traditional appearance making it perfect for those in the market for a classic bedside or tabletop lamp. For those who want to use the lamp as a decorative piece, many different colours and fabrics are available to choose from, such as burlap, cotton and linen.

If you are interested in the English Barrel lampshade in Calgary, contact The Victoria Lampshade shop to find out more. They now operate and sell a variety of lampshades like the barrel lampshade in Calgary, Victoria and Vancouver. For guidance on what style, size and colour lampshade will work best for your space, feel free to talk to their friendly sales team today!