How do I find the right lampshade for my lamp?

The best way to find the right shade for your lamp is to bring it in our shop with you. Our staff is very knowledgeable. We will help you find the right shape, size, colour and we can adjust your harp so that it comes down to the right place on your lamp.

Do you carry stock shades?

Yes, we carry 100’s of stock shades, or we can make something custom.

How long does it take to have a custom shade made?

Typically, it takes 1-3 weeks to have a shade made. The time frame varies depending on what kind of shade you’re ordering and where you’re ordering from. Our shades are made in our Victoria location, making the turn around quicker from there.

Are your lamp repairs done in house?

Yes, our lamp repairs are done in house. They usually take a week or so to be repaired.

Do you recover old frames?

Yes, if you have an old silk frame (shades with a fabric lining), you’ll save money by having it recovered. Hardbacks (shades with styrene inside) cost the same to recover verses buying new, but it’s useful if you want to replicate the exact shape and size.

Are your silk shades glued or sewn?

Our silk shades are all hand sewn. This enables the shades to be relined if the inside fabric tears. When the shade is sewn, you can even wash it in the bathtub/shower.

Can I have a lampshade made with my own fabric?

Yes, we can make lampshades with most fabrics. The fabrics that don’t work well are extremely thin fabrics (an especially thin silk), fabrics that are unusually thick, fabrics with embroidery on them (they tend to wrinkle around the embroidery) and anything that’s 100% polyester.

I have a lampshade with a special fitting. Do you make lampshades with various fittings?

Yes, we make lampshades with all sorts of fittings. Some of them look the same, yet they aren’t compatible. This is why it’s important to know what the old shade or lamp looks like, to insure we have the right washer for your lamp.