If you are a creative person and have a lampshade design stuck in your mind but need some help with how to put that idea onto the shade- these five tips will help guide you in the right direction.

Paint Your Lampshade To Give It Some Colour

Painting your lampshade is the easiest way to create a beautiful custom artwork because you need a fabric lampshade, paint and paintbrushes. You can purchase a low price, simple lampshade and turn it into a work of art by painting thin coats and letting each coat dry between layers. 

2- Dip-Dye Lampshades Are A New Rising Trend

The best thing about dye is that it allows you to create a custom lampshade out of any colour.  Dye is available in various colours that you can mix to make unique shades to fit your house. The process is also straightforward: all you need to do is fill a tub partly with hot water, add the dye and then add the shade to the theatre and soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

3- Decoupage Your Favorite Design On Your Lampshade

If you are in the market for a lampshade made out of your favourite pattern, the solution is too patterned fabric and decoupage. Using a drum lampshade, cut out patterns from leftover fabric, and decoupage the practices on the lamp. To create a lively design, you can mix prints and overlap cutouts to create a collage look.

4- Create Shades Using The Ombre Effect

Ombre designs are timeless as they add style to a lampshade by creating shades of colour without making it look colourful. All you need is to choose your favourite colour and paint the lampshade from dark to light, from the top down. As you are adding the colour, wet your foam brush with water to blend the colour. It is essential to integrate the stain as quickly as possible because it becomes more complex as it dries.

5- Create A Nature Inspired Lampshade 

Anything inspired by nature, such as floral print, works well for minimalistic homes and more decorated ones. Botanical print is easy to make, as you can trace plant shapes onto a lampshade. Artists prefer using leather paint for botanical designs because it adheres well to whatever you put it on and dries fast. It does not require water mixing, which allows it to create a solid shape on the shade without the risk of it dripping down the side. 

Match Your Custom Idea With The Perfect Shade With The Help Of Experts

Victoria Lampshade Shop offers a wide range of ideal products for those who want to create custom lampshades. Feel free to speak to any of our sales consultants about your ideas, and they will help you find the perfect matching lampshade. Contact us at 250-383-1544 for expert advice and guidance.

September 30, 2021 — Allison Spiro